Muri Mwaniki & Wamiti advocates

Muri Mwaniki & Wamiti advocates

Muri Mwaniki & Wamiti advocates is a full-service Kenya law firm based in Nairobi with three main areas of practice: Corporate & Commercial law, Banking & Property (conveyancing & real estate), and Litigation & Arbitration – see below for details.

MMW focuses on providing practical and affordable legal solutions to both corporate and individual clients.

Our advocates are highly trained in their specific areas of specialization to ensure that they provide efficient and pragmatic solutions.

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Our Practice Areas

Our Practice Areas

MMW has three departments, each with a mastered practice area and headed by a partner. We specialize in commercial and civil litigation and arbitration matters, banking and property matters, and commercial law transactions.

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Our Team

Our Team

Our adequate, highly trained and experienced staff ensures that we serve clients within most areas of Kenya, originating from Nairobi. Indeed, we handle matters in all regions of the country and the greater East African region, in every area of business.

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Commercial & Corporate

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  • Advice and legal solutions, from their registration or incorporation to regulatory compliance, to all types of entities, including:-
    • private, public & foreign companies (including companies limited by guarantee),
    • local and foreign NGOs,
    • partnerships,
    • trusts and foundations,
    • societies and associations, etc.
  • Registration and defence of intellectual property law rights, licenses, renewal and assignments of local and international entities:
    • Trademarks
    • Patents
    • Utility models
    • Industrial designs
    • Copyright
  • Entity restructuring and reorganization
  • Asset acquisitions and disposals
  • Joint ventures and mergers
  • Shareholders’ agreements
  • Legal audits
  • Company secretarial duties
  • Corporate governance
  • Winding up and liquidation of companies
  • Trusts and wills
  • Estate management and administration
  • Immigration and work permits
  • Deed poll (change of name)

Litigation & Arbitration

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  • Courts and tribunals: (Supreme Court, Court of Appeal, High Court, Employment and Labour Relations Court, Environment and Land Court, Magistrate’s Court, various Tribunals):
    • Commercial Litigation, including:-
      • Disputes arising from all types of commercial transactions
      • Debt collection
      • Bank Security enforcement and realization
      • Construction and building disputes
    • Civil Litigation, including:-
      • Land disputes
      • Employment and labour law disputes
      • Family disputes
      • Succession and inheritance matters, including applying for grants
      • Medical negligence claims
      • Insurance claims
      • Professional negligence claims
    • Public Law Litigation, including:
      • Constitutional law
      • Judicial review
      • Public procurement
      • Tax law
      • Compliance and regulatory litigation
  • Arbitration and Mediation:
    • Party initiated, especially in commercial transactions such as in construction and building contracts
    • Court directed or supervised.

Banking & Property

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  • Land and other real estate sales and purchases (conveyancing). Includes:-
    • Advising in acquisition and disposal of land, buildings, home, etc.
    • Drafting and reviewing agreements for sale and construction and building contracts
    • Negotiating, drafting and registration of leases
    • Preparation and registration of powers of attorney
    • Extension of leases
    • Tenancy and lease agreements
    • License Agreements
  • Security documentation for banks, micro-finances and other financial institutions:-
    • Negotiating and drafting facility (letter of offer) agreements
    • Perfecting and registering security documentation (including charges, mortgages, debentures, chattels mortgages, deed of rental assignments, lenders’ agreement, guarantees, etc.)
    • Advising on and creating and perfecting documentation relating to loans and overdrafts, secured and unsecured working capital financing, asset financing, hire purchase and mortgages, etc.
    • Advising on regulatory and compliance requirements including conducting legal audits
  • Real estate development and construction transactions such as:-
    • Change of user for properties
    • Advising and preparing contracts for Joint Venture real estate projects
    • Amalgamations, consolidations and subdivision
  • As an extension of family and succession law, after the Confirmation of Grant or Confirmation of Probate by Court, we assist in the formal distribution, subdivision and registration of real estate and the administration of trusts that relate to property